I was born on 21th March 1975 in the city of
I've been occupied professionally with sports activities
(gymnastic),between 1982 untill 1989.

As a gymnast with the Bulgarian Natinal Junior Team I took part in many
National and International tournaments:

*Intenational Gymnastic Tournaments-
Leipzig,Berlin/Germany '86
*International Gymnastic Tournament-Baia
*Internatiol Junior Gymnastic Competition-
Tokyo,Osaka,Yamanashi '87
*Balkan Gymnastic Championship-Athens,Greece '88
*International Tournament for "Moscow News" Price '88

I was a national champion in gymnastic in 1986,and I am a master of sport (gymnastic).

Since 1989 untill 1992 I was working as a professional circus artist.

During this period I performed as a tumble
with group of "Dimitrovi".
Some of my performances were "Russian Craddle" and "Acrobatic Rope".
Together with this group I performed in:

*Hungarian Natoinal Circus-Budapest '91
*New Eve's Show of Ahoi Circus-Rotterdam,Holland '91
*Krone Circus-Munchen,Germany '92
*Peter Jay's Superdome Circus-Blackpool,England'92
*16th International Festival of Circus Act-Monte Carlo,Monaco'92.

During the period 1994-1996 I was working with the group "Chrysti" and some of my performances were "Russian Craddle" and "Russian pole" in:

*Globus Circus-Bulgaria'94
*Olympia Circus-Sweden'95
*Atlas Circus-Lisbon,Portugal'96.

After 1996 I started to work as an independent performer of atractive and plastic acrobatic acts:

*Everland-Seoul,Koreea,where I won "SBS TV Price" with my plastic acrobatic show'96-'97

*Shows and TV Programs-Bulgaria'98
*Romantica Variety-Switzerland'99.

Since 1999 I started to work on different vessels, as well performing plastic acrobatic shows and hula-hoop:

*M/V Azur-Festival Cruises,2000
*M/V Funchal-Arcalia Shipping Co,2001
*M/V Princess Danae-Arcalia Shipping Co.2000-2003.

* Nadal Shiba Club - Dubai 2004 perform at the MARITRONOCS CORPORATE EVENT.

*M/V Princess Danae-World Cruises Agency-2004.
*M/V Athena -World Cruises Agency-2005.

. La Ghironda festival 10 Rassegna d'arte e cultura popolare del 5 continenti 2006
. Lucania buskers festival internazionale delle arti di strada 2007
. La notte Bianca festa del borgo antico 2007
. Festival del Cabaret di Basilicata 2007
. Artistrada festival internazionale delle arti di strada 2007
. M/V Bleu de France - CDF Croisieres de France Cruises10.04.2009 till 10.11.2009
. Le monde en fete productions Gala Shows France 01.12.2009-20.12.2009


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